Carpet Cleaning Solutions For Manchester

Cleaning your carpets regularly is essential to preserve their original look and condition, and maintain overall hygiene. We are carpet cleaning specialists and as a company we have years of experience in cleaning every type of carpet.

Whether yours needs rejuvenating, an end of tenancy clean, are heavily soiled or you just have a difficult stain that needs removing, our state of the art prochem equipment and solutions will produce outstanding results. Our carpet cleaners in Woodbridge use Prochem cleaning systems that have been built on tried and proven methods of production, incorporating the finest range of chemicals for use on every known type of fibre.

There are many different types of carpets so we carry a wide range of products and equipment, allowing us to use exactly the right apparatus for the job. During our free initial survey visit we will carry out a full inspection of your carpets to assess their general condition and level of soiling, including stains. We will also carry out a fibre test to help us determine the type of fabric and a dye stability test to select the correct solutions to use, based on fibre pH levels. As an example, wool cleaned with a strong alkaline solution (high pH) combined with an incorrect knowledge of how to restore the correct pH level, can lead to serious damage to the material’s backing and fibres. Anybody who intends to clean your carpets should have a thorough knowledge of each different type and construction, and most importantly, the advantages and disadvantages each one has in relation to different cleaning solutions and methods.